Why dont women have rights in Islam?

Gender discrimination  is probably  one of the most popular issues that western society applies  to the Muslim countries. And the western media and the socialists groups always use this issue to suppress the Islamic countries. This issue is used also against the Islamic culture and belief. But this word is discovered by the western society and their culture. Gender discrimination means evaluating the males over the females. That means neglecting the females so that they are  deprived of human rights and also get fewer opportunities in every aspect of life than the males.
Such discrimination gives the supreme power to the males. And it is always said that the Islamic culture and beliefs declare males as the supreme type over the females. For that reason the western secular society there is always a negative thinking about the Muslim countries. But the truth is this type of thinking is totally wrong. Gender discrimination is not in the Islamic culture at all. This is a practice which has been found in every corner of the world. And although in Muslim countries it is also found but that is not a part of Islam. According to Islam the male and the female are equal and there is nothing like supremacy among them. And Islamic culture says that females are also capable of doing work like males but, they are not created to work like males. Instead of that, females have something nobler to do which is necessary to build a nation. Their responsibilities as mother are more important in Islam because that is something no one else can do. And to build a family is the most important institutions which are totally controlled by a mother. Islam does not prohibit the females to work outside, but it encourages that it is more important service a nation can get from a female as a mother than a worker. And for that reason Islam declare the females free from any economic responsibilities. It is not a dependency upon the husband, father or brother but, it is a right.
But, unfortunately due to lack of knowledge and illiteracy in remote areas of the Muslim countries women are often faced this gender discrimination. And such type of discrimination is found in illiterate populations in all other countries. So, gender discrimination is never a culture in Muslim countries. The histories of the Islamic civilization also reveal this truth. It is because we can find a lot of women in the Islamic history who were noble due to their knowledge and work. And the important thing is to do so they did not need to go out of Islamic regulations. Islam always encourages that the Muslim women will take part in constructive work for the nations rather than economic. And for that reason still in this period the Muslim countries are stronger in social and family structure. In the western countries everybody is always thinking about themselves. And as a result there is no strong bond between the family members. The family cannot play any major role for their nation, which is the major cause of the social and mental disorders in the western society. Because when you are not willing to sacrifice for your children, then how could you think that once he will sacrifice for you and the country? For that reason it is not a good idea of taking advice for social development from the western countries.
The common gender discrimination activities that are common in the Muslim world are that the families members do not take  it positively when the girl or the wife wants to do any job outside. And it is surely a bad thing because if anyone wants to do  such job and she also can get secure environment ,there is nothing to hold him back. Also there was a time when this is so evident. If you look around the Muslim world, you could find Muslim women doing jobs and business freely. Also there are female prime ministers and parliament members in Muslim countries. The literacy rates of the Muslim women are also now increasing. And in some countries female education is totally free and also there are scholarships to encourage them in study. So this issue is not a vital thing now in Muslim world.